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The “Beliefs” section of a Christian Church’s website perhaps deserves more of a caveat than first anticipated. For example, when a Christian uses the word “belief” we mean more than cognitive assent, though certainly not less than mental engagement and commitment. The biblical presentation of what constitutes “being human” calls for an ever-deepening and multi-faceted approach to knowledge and life. Thus, to assert that we believe certain truths is to assume an inseparable connection between such truths and a way of life—a manner of speaking and touching and walking and listening that can ultimately and only find grounding in what the Apostles Paul and John, not to mention Jesus, call love. Love is the giving of oneself not only for the sake of one’s friends but in the ultimate, against-the-grain move: dying for one’s enemies.

At Covenant, we seek to be a Body of Believers committed to loving each other, but we are also strongly committed to the renewing of our minds in regard to the central tenets of the gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed in the self-attesting and Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. Our confessional documents assist us in answering the question, “What do you mean when you say ‘central tenets?’” But we encourage our people and others, in fact we insist, that in order to find out what we truly “believe,” you must spend some time in our midst to see whether you think our words hold up to scriptural standards, and whether our lives and our “life together” mirror our proclamation that in Christ Jesus there is good news to be made known and by which to live.

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