Covenant Presbyterian Church’s Children’s Ministry exists to create a passion for God’s Word that the next generation may learn of God’s glory in order that they may delight in Him through Jesus Christ. The Children’s Ministry team is excited about the opportunity to serve your family and be a resource to help point your children to Christ. We look forward to providing a loving, nurturing and fun environment for your children to grow in the knowledge and love of our Savior.

[ Top 150 Bible Stories ]

Children love stories, and Dan Edwards, Pastor to Children & Families, has compiled his top 150 Bible stories and set them in a format that can be used for children and parents to read through in one year. 

DEAR PARENTS | An introduction letter to the Top 150 Bible Stories from Dan Edwards, Pastor to Children & Families

[ Parenting in the Proverbs ]

by Dan Edwards, Pastor to Children & Families

A series on parenting using Proverbs to provide advice for parents as well as impart wisdom to children through Catechism question and answers.


Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 12.22.17 PMCreated for a Purpose

Created for a Purpose is a week long creative arts program that teaches girls 3rd – 8th grade that they are a unique masterpiece created by God. Each day is packed with hands on activities and Biblical teaching that emphasizes that God has made everyone with different talents and skills to be used for His glory and His purposes.



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